COVID-19 SOP Guidelines

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ULC Standard Operation Procedures during the time of COVID-19

Dear parents, below are our SOPs due to COVID-19.  Please note that these can and will be changed if there are changes to the situation or upon government mandate or recommendation.  

Statement of Understanding:

While we will make every effort to maintain a reasonable distance between everyone and to follow all the necessary health & safety measures, it must be understood that this is an inclusive environment. We have young students as well as special needs students who may struggle to follow the protocol and with which a practical application of SOPs is very difficult; thus, there will be times when students will touch each other or get too close. Teachers may need to enter a student’s space in order to help them take care of their needs. If you or your child fall in the high-risk category, please be sure to let us know.

Permitted Personnel:

During this time of COVID-19, there will be limited personnel permitted within the Centre, especially during times when students are present.  

  • All staff of MINDSPACE and related organizations will be permitted after a temperature check (must be below 37.5 C).  Record of the temperature and time in/out will be kept.  Staff will be required to notify ULC if they have been exposed to anyone with COVID-19, suspect they may have COVID-19,  or are experiencing any symptoms. 
  • All enrolled students will be allowed in the Centre: see policies below
  • Service personnel will be permitted only after school hours (unless there is an emergency) and only after getting their temperature checked, signing in and out, and providing a declaration stating they have not been exposed to anyone with COVID-19 and they are not experiencing any symptoms.
  • From August 3 onward, parents/visitors will not be permitted in the Centre until further notice.  Meetings can be arranged via phone or video call, or if necessary, at the Will You Cafe.  

Arrival of Students:  

  • For the time being, students can only enter the Centre through the front door – after completing the check-in process at the reception area located in the common corridor outside the Will You Cafe and ULC doors.
    • Mask wearing is thought to be effective in reducing the spreading of respiratory droplets when talking, sneezing, or coughing. However, mask-wearing causes irritation to certain people and encourages individuals to frequently touch their face, eyes, and nose. Others may experience difficulty in breathing.  Many children will continuously remove their masks.  Understanding these issues, masks may be removed by students and staff within the Centre.  However, if anyone is feeling unwell at all, masks will be required.  
    • *Masks may be required if and when the government mandates it.   
    • Please follow the floor markings to properly distance yourself from others.  We have staggered the arrival and departure of our students to limit the numbers at any given time.
    • The check-in process will include recorded temperature checks (must be below 37.5 C) and students must use hand sanitizer (provided) before entering ULC.  Every Monday, parents will also need to sign a declaration form stating that they and those they have close interaction with have not been exposed to anyone with COVID-19 and if they think they have been, think they may be sick with COVID-19, or are experiencing any symptoms, they will inform ULC immediately.
    • We highly recommend the use of masks at least until the check-in process is complete.  

Departure of Students: 

For the time being, students will depart through the front door only.  If a student is suspected of having COVID-19, they will go to the sick bay, be required to wear a mask, and exit through the side door (by the Block K elevators – a bit further down the hallway from My News.)

Snacks & Lunches:

  • Students will eat their meals in the canteen in shifts – allowing for distancing at the tables.  Eating times have also been shortened.  Tables and benches will be disinfected between shifts.
    • For the time being, older students will not be allowed to leave ULC to purchase lunch elsewhere.  Snacks and lunch should be brought from home or if you’d rather, you can sign up for the chargeable school lunch program.  School lunch will be served to the students; only the server will use the serving utensils and the server is required to wear a mask.


Along with our regular Health & Safety Guidelines (found in our online Parent/Student Handbook: Students displaying the following symptoms will not be allowed to attend classes at ULC:  

  • Fever above 37.5
  • Continuous cough (dry)
  • Continuous runny nose
  • Anyone who is found to be unwell while on campus will be brought to the sickbay for immediate pick-up.  A mask must be worn.  The unwell student will exit through the side door (by the Block K elevators – a bit further down the hallway from My News.)

*The assessment of symptoms and the subsequent decision to decline or permit attendance is up to the discretion of  ULC staff. 

Handwashing & Hand Sanitizer: 

We are making every effort to purchase the most natural, effective hand sanitizer available.  Though this is much more expensive, we realize that frequent use may irritate the skin, and we are trying our best to minimize this.  

  • We highly recommend students and their families wash their hands before leaving home.
  • Teachers will train students on proper handwashing.
  • Students are required to use hand sanitizer upon arrival to the Centre at the reception area.
  • A teacher will dispense hand sanitizer when students depart their classroom, especially before eating. Students will be required to wash their hands after snack/lunch and after any bathroom trips.  


  • We will be using a disinfection fogging machine three times per week after classes. In addition, common areas will be disinfected between learning blocks and door handles & frequently touched surfaces will be disinfected 2x a day – before arrival & after dismissal.

Social Distancing:

  • We will make every effort to maintain a reasonable distance between students and staff.  Class numbers are being reduced for this purpose.  

*This procedure policy may be updated from time to time in accordance with government directives.

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