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Our morning sessions focus on core subjects: Maths, English, Science & Humanities. Our afternoon sessions are dedicated to providing co-curricular & extracurricular programs that promote holistic development of our students including art, music, drama, cooking, etc. Both morning and afternoon sessions emphasise group participation and are organised as follows:

1) Academic: For students with mild difficulties to access an adapted mainstream curriculum, with a focus on the core subjects.

2) Development: For students with more severe difficulties to access the curriculum and progress at their own pace. A core focus in these sessions will be to develop personal, social & independent life skills.

3) Vocational: For students over 15 years old and young-adults to have access and exposure, training & development in practical skills that are aimed towards eventual work placement.

Our evening sessions are part-time and run on an hourly basis. Families are encouraged to create their own time table to suit their availability, specific preferences and/or needs. We cater for a wide variety of subjects, activities and therapies to ensure that we are truly addressing the needs of our community.

CSNE by MINDSPACE is a reactive unit that desires to respond and cater to your needs. If there is anything that you feel would benefit your family and the community, please get in touch with us - together we can make it happen.

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